5am to 5am – Uchangidurga, Santhebennur, Shantisagara, Koolahalli, Bagali

A Sunday trip…
This is how dark it actually was…

A crab in the water in one of the passages…

After about 30 mins we emerged at the other end of the tunnel-complex…

It was quite late in the evening by then…

There are lot more structures to be explored in this village; on the agenda for the next trip with Sangeetha.

PT classes in the village school…

Our Guides…

Went into the temple again for Darshan…

Till date I have been chased by dogs, this was the first time I got chased by Geese!!!

By the time we reached Bagali, it was quite dark. This is actually a 30 second exposure pic…

Just walked around the place and took some pics with a promise to be back here soon…

We reached Davanagere, met up with our friend and headed back towards Namma Bengaluru at around 11pm…

Since I was feeling a little tired, we stopped for a Chai, decided to get an hour’s sleep before proceeding, lowered the seats, set the alarm on the phone and got an hour’s shut-eye…

Are these red wheels or am I seeing things??

Reached Nelamangala by around 4.00am and it took us more than an hour to reach the city limits from there, thanks to the early morning traffic jams.

Got a couple of hours of sleep before freshening up and heading off to office to start the week.

Now that I have a better idea of the places to see + the road conditions etc. I’ll be planning an encore trip along this route with Sangeetha shortly… The idea is to do a 2 day weekend round trip, covering these places + some other spots worth visiting.

During my college days in Davanagere, a group of us friends would take off to nearby places over the weekend. I must have visited most of the interesting places within a 150kms radius from Davanagere at some point of time. But there are no photos & no travelogues and memories tend to fade over time.

There are also places which I had never heard about in those days, but got to know about them very recently, thanks to Google! Most of these places are not popular since they are off the main roads and may not be of interest to casual tourists. I am sure if all TBhpians could dig up places from around their home-towns etc. there would be a big list of little known but very interesting places worth visiting.

Quite a few times, while reminiscing about the days gone by, I would remark to Sangeetha that "You should see this place… it is like this.. like that…". Since Davanagere and the places around are within comfortable driving distance from BLR, I was planning to do a 2 day trip to all these places. But things would have changed over time… Since anyway I had to go to DVG, I wanted to check if the roads to these places are in good condition ? are these places still ok / safe to visit ? etc.

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“5am to 5am – Uchangidurga, Santhebennur, Shantisagara, Koolahalli, Bagali”
ramesh m helavar

this is a vere good ples


Its nice and journey


Ramya Suhas

beautiful blog…. 🙂


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